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RESOURCES: Job Search / Career

Built with the innate introvert strengths in mind, our resources will help you understand how to:
Strengthen the weakest aspects of your job search to stand out from a pool of candidates
• Gradually build the meaningful career you want.

The free resources are marked in blue. 

If you'd like a PDF file with this resource list (with links) ➤ Go to Downloads section (Job_Search_Career_Resources.pdf)

Our Job Search and Career Development Resources for Introverts

(IA Learning Platform)

    • Job Search/ Career Coaching 

➤ COURSES (IA Learning Platform)

    • Networking... The Introvert's Way!  

    • Jumping Into The Void – How to deal with the challenges of a career change

    • LinkedIn 101 – Join the Waiting List

    • LinkedIn 201 – Join the Waiting List


Click on a book cover for more details. Some lead to Amazon Canada; if you're in another country, replace .ca with what corresponds to the Amazon website you have access to (for example, .com for Amazon US).

    • Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search – Award-winning book with a holistic approach to job hunting, based on decade of experience helping thousands of introverted job seekers become more successful. Bonus: LinkedIn for Job Search (flowchart), Job Search process (flowchart), 30 Introvert Strengths List.

    • The Key Factor: Understanding the Employer’s Perspective on Hiring – Strategies to gain employers' trust and remove their fears about you. Bonus: The often overlooked concepts that can accelerate your job hunt) 

    • Job Fairs: How to Get the Most of Your Participation – Job fairs as "playgrounds" to enhance professional skills and catch employers' attention. Bonus: Checklist for Before, During, After attending a job search 

    • The Ultimate Job Search Guide for Introverts Newcomers – How to pierce the invisible "wall" to succeed in a new job market 

    • Quiet Lessons for the Introvert’s Soul – Interviews with introverts who use their strengths to overcome their career challenges. Bonus: 100+ introvert strengths

    • Metaphors: An Emotional Journey – A visual representation of the emotional rollercoaster from being laid off to regaining confidence and find hope


➤ IA VIDEOS & INTERVIEWS with Experts (YouTube)

        • Introverts – 3 Key Elements to Build a Meaningful Professional Life

        • Current Trends in the Recruitment Landscape

        • Alternate Career? New City? Networking Tips to Succeed!

        • The Truth Beyond Careers and Cultures

        • Empathy: A Key Leadership Skill

        • When It All Comes Together: SEO With an Accounting Flare

        • Introverts & Extroverts in the Professional World

        • The Creative Process Applied to Career

        • Virtual Meetings: Tips for Introverts

        • How can introverts develop their confidence and leadership skills

    Am I an Introvert? (Quiz) 


    Go to Downloads section to get this list as a PDF file with links (Job_Search_Career_Resources.pdf)

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    RESOURCES: Job Search / Career

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