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Life Coaching for Introverts (1-on-1)

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Leverage your introvert strengths more effectively in your personal and professional lives?
  • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem?
  • Stand up for yourself? Say “No” whenever you want?
  • Find a meaningful purpose that will energize and motivate you to overcome the challenges along the way?
  • Add powerful strategies to your "toolbox” to break through your fears?

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  • Schedule a FREE mini-session Introduction: Life Coaching (20 minutes) to see how it works 
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Who provides Life Coaching?

On behalf of the Introverts Academy, this service is provided by Gabriela Casineanu (our founder). Gabriela is an award-winning author, Life and Professional Coach with over 15 years of experience in this field.

What people say:

  • The coaching made me more aware of my positive side, which was buried underneath the negative side of myself that society built up. It helped me to accomplish some of my artistic dreams, to trust myself more, and to be more confident around people. Now I feel at ease in job interviews, and I’m able to reveal the real me. ~ Roland Isai, Mechanical Engineer
  • It is amazing how Gabriela, through her ingenious combination of coaching methods, guided me patiently and wisely to blowing up my limiting beliefsleading to the biggest discovery of my life: the awareness of my inner force and its unlimited potential. Previously, I was seeing life as being hard. But thanks to her mastery, my perspective shifted: I find life now as an incredibly exciting and enjoyable journey. ~ Mihaela Fecioru, HR Specialist
  • Your expert coaching, exercises, booklet and other related tools unstuck me – helping me to realize my true potential and talents and move forward. I’m now more focused, determined and confident about who I am, what is and is no longer important to me, what I want to achieve in my life and why. I feel well equipped to deal with anything that comes my way and ready to take it on! ~ Janette Burke, Marketing/PR Professional

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