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Business Coaching for Introverted Entrepreneurs (1-on-1)

Would you like to... 

  • Get more clarity about what’s missing or not working well in your business? And why?
  • Build and grow your business by leveraging your introvert strengths more effectively?
  • Manage better your energy so you can achieve more without pushing yourself to act as an extrovert?
  • Find ways that allow you to focus on your business growth, instead of getting lost in the details?

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  • Schedule a complementary call Introduction: Coaching for Introverts (20 minutes)
  • Answer a few questions to prepare for the call... and we'll follow up shortly.

What's next? 

If you'd like to continue after the introductory session:

  • We’ll discuss the details of the coaching agreement (session frequency, mutual expectations, desired outcomes, coaching packages available, etc.)
  • Schedule the next session and start your business coaching journey with us.  

Who is proving Business Coaching?

Gabriela Casineanu, an introvert herself, is the award-winning author, professional coach, and entrepreneur. With an MBA in small business and a background that spans through various fields – engineering, IT, business, learning & development, art, program/course design, and marketing) – Gabriela can quickly pinpoint areas for improvement based on your introvert strengths and your business needs. Her expertise in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC ™), coupled with strategic thinking and tones of resources, can help you identify solutions that work best for you and put systems in place to help you stay motivated and focused on building your business… the introvert way!
More about Gabriela at GabrielaCasineanu.com 

What people say:

When thinking about Gabriela, I see several people, all in one! A very creative thinker, she approaches every challenge with a positive attitude and with an open mind. She has also a powerful logical side: an outstanding business coach, unbelievably resourceful thinker, and connector. She can see the opportunities, skills, connections, and relationships among different facets, which sometimes are in front of our eyes as ‘invisible’ and could multiply the options for success. She is a powerful guide that leads the thinking process gently and purposefully through a tunnel into a vast field of light… and it is wonderful to stand beside her under that ‘light’. ~ Felicia Weinstein, Interior Designer

Working with Gabriela on my small business idea was great. Compared to other counselling services, which were quick to channel me towards traditional business plan development, Gabriela helped me listen to my inner dialogue to inform the direction of my next steps. By the end of our first session, I was able to clearly see where my interests and energy were most strong in relation to my small-business ideas/growth. I left with a renewed sense of excitement and concrete actions to take before our next session." ~ Meredith Toivanen

• Gabriela is truly a masterful coach. Her intuitive coaching method helped me discover options for my business that no other method had unearthed. Consider yourself very lucky if you feel called to work with her. She will guide you to the true core of your business and help you get in touch with your purpose at a very deep level. ~ Rebecca Cuevas, Founder & CEO Learn and Get Smarter Inc.

I'm really, really happy to have connected with Gabriela. In our conversation, she quickly identified a couple of assets and areas of strength I have that I haven't used. After she heard I didn't have my tech in place yet, she took extra time and shared tips that will help me save the hours and the days I would have taken to research and analyze all the options. AND she showed me where I could keep costs low or at zero... who doesn't need that kind of advice?! ~ Derek Patterson, Creator of The Best Selling Route for Introverted Experts in Business.

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