👋 Hello and welcome to Introverts Academy's platform for personal and professional development designed specifically for introverts, by introverts.
We understand their unique challenges in a world that often favours extroverted traits.
That's why we've created a space where you can flourish without changing who you are.

Our offer includes:
Tailored Coaching • Introvert-Friendly Courses Exclusive Resources • Networking Opportunities Books and Accountability Tracking so you can progress step by step.

Scroll down to start your journey of self-discovery and growth with Introverts Academy. Because introversion is not a limitation—it's a superpower! 🌟

Gabriela Casineanu, MSc, MBA, MBTI® certified
Founder, Introverts Academy

Available Products

Sharpen Your Life Skills: Q&A Session for Introverts

Feeling drained by the world?
Get personalized tips & guidance in our 1:1 Q&A session with an introvert coach!
You might be surprised how much you can get in 20 minutes.
Limited spots available.

Wholistic Life Coaching for Introverts (1-on-1)

Ever wondered how your life would be if you have:
• More self-confidence and self-esteem?
• The courage to say “No” whenever you want?
• A meaningful purpose to energize and motivate you?
• Your "toolbox” full of strategies on how to deal with your fears and overcome challenges?
Request a call to see if our 1-on-1 Life Coaching is a good fit for you. 

Introverts' Job Search & Career Advice (1-on-1 monthly sessions)

• Are you an introverted professional feeling frustrated with your job search or career?
• Does it hard to advance in the direction you want?
We understand your struggle.
Join one or more sessions of our Introverts’ Job Search & Career Advice to understand how to make your job search more effective and build a meaningful career!

Career Coaching for Introverts (1-on-1)

Struggling to find the job you want? To build a meaningful career you actually enjoy?
Let an award-winning author and professional coach help you! You’ll benefit from a decade of experience in applying a coaching approach to employment and career counselling, helping thousands of introverted professionals.  

Networking Event for Introverted Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Introverts get along well with other introverts.
Join us at for an introvert-friendly networking event via Zoom ... to meet like-minded introverted professionals and entrepreneurs!
Engage in meaningful conversations to help yourself and others build a support network that understands and appreciates the introverted nature.

Networking... The Introvert Way!

Many introverts find networking challenging... until they shift their perspective! Buy this course to learn:
• Why networking is a powerful tool for your career or business
Strategies to make it work for you while staying true to your introverted nature
Energy management and other techniques to get the most of networking.

Mastermind Group for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Do you need ideas, strategies, and support to grow your business?
Facilitated by an experienced business coach, our Mastermind Group offers brainstorming, peer accountability, and resources to sharpen your business mindset and skills. Members challenge each other to set SMARTR* goals and cheer each other.
*SMARTR=Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals that Resonate with you

Business Coaching for Introverted Entrepreneurs (1-on-1)

Do you struggle to start or grow your business? Does it feel like your product or service is the best kept secret?
You've created an amazing product (or service), but selling is not your forte and you dislike networking. The irony is: your customer base is made up of extroverts who can't wait to talk about their experiences with your products, and introverts willing to buy without a sales pitch. How to get there?

LinkedIn 101 for Introverts

Are you familiar with the LinkedIn features that could help you proactively achieve your professional goals?
This beginner level course:
• Helps you understand the power of LinkedIn to build your professional path
• Presents fifteen LinkedIn features that transform you from a passive to a proactive user to access the high potential of this platform (700+ million users).


Do you like learning, to self-reflect, and find your own answers?
Written by an introverted award-winning author, our collection of self-help books contains insider tips and strategies for:
• Accessing the hidden job market and build a meaningful career
• Leveraging your introvert strengths to increase self-confidence and have more energy 
• Personal and professional development.

MBTI® Assessments & Report Interpretation Sessions

Looking to gain insight into your personality, strengths, challenges, and potential areas for growth? Or using MBTI for team-building and increased performance?

  • Take the MBTI® assessment(s) with us and discover your unique personality type with a personalized report interpretation session.
  • Want to identify your MBTI Team Type and build a more resilient team? 
    We're one step away.

Job Search / Career Resources (List)

A growing list of resources for effective job search and building a meaningful career.
Pick and choose those that resonate with you.
They help you tap into your introvert strengths to build the desired career path:
Courses • Books • Coaching • Videos Interviews with experts Downloadable files And more!

Click on Resource List to see these resources. 

Introvert's Resource Hub

Get access to our growing library of FREE resources for introverts: 
Videos (based on Introverts Academy Curriculum)
• Downloadable files (e.g. “30 Introvert Strengths”)
Interviews with experts
• And more!
We'll notify you when new resources are available.

Jumping Into The Void

Going through a career change? Or starting a business?
This mini-course helps you understand:
• How to stand up for yourself when those close to you don't agree with or support your new direction, which drains your energy
• How to overcome your inner barriers like the impostor syndrome, fear, self-doubt, low confidence... to move forward toward your dream!

LinkedIn 201 for Introverts

While knowing the LinkedIn features provides a solid base, combining them with powerful strategies will ensure constant professional and personal growth. This advance course introduces you to:
LinkedIn strategies that increase your visibility, help gain people’s trust and attract new opportunities
Common and potential LinkedIn pitfalls and how to avoid them to benefit the most of this platform. 

Introverted Employee vs Entrepreneur: Mindset • Challenges • Opportunities

Ever wonder how some introverts become more successful than others? Learn:
• What successful introverts have in common
• Which path is better for you: career or entrepreneurship
How to transition from employee to entrepreneurship while staying true to your introverted nature

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