Mastermind Group for Introverted Entrepreneurs

An Introverted Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

Our Mastermind Group helps introverted entrepreneurs like you to become more successful. 

The entrepreneurial journey can feel like a lonely, uphill battle for introverted entrepreneurs. But there's a better way.

What is a mastermind group for introverted entrepreneurs?

A small group of introverted entrepreneurs that help each other become more successful. 
We meet every two weeks for support, brainstorming, accountability, resources, community, and build a successful mindset.
It helps you advance on your entrepreneurial journey and find your voice—while staying true to your introverted nature and using your strengths.


▶︎ Accountability

All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action.~ Mahatma Gandhi
To overcome analysis paralysis, procrastination, and facilitate growth, the mastermind group members keep each other accountable for taking action (based on what they resonate with during the session). 

▶︎ Brainstorming

During each session, the other mastermind group members share ideas, strategies, and resources specific to what you need or the challenges you face. The group synergy is inspiring!

▶︎ Successful Mindset

Having a successful mindset helps to avoid overwhelm, overcome challenges more easily, and develop the “eagle view” that keeps distractions at bay. Our mastermind group helps you build and maintain a successful mindset, which is key to become a successful introverted entrepreneur.

▶︎ Support and Resources

We know what it means to be an introverted entrepreneur. Acting as a sounding board, the mastermind group members help you see the blind spots and how to leverage more the introvert strengths to overcome your specific challenges. The group members and Introverts Academy share resources you might not be aware of, to help you succeed as an introverted entrepreneur.

▶︎  Community

Between the mastermind sessions, connect with and share resources with the other introverted entrepreneurs who are experiencing the similar struggles via a private group.

▶︎  Facilitation

Our facilitated sessions ensure the mastermind group helps you get the most out of your participation.
The facilitator, Gabriela Casineanu, is an award-winning author, experienced business coach, and MBTI certified consultant. An introvert herself, Gabriela has extensive experience in group facilitation and brings a unique blend of expertise across diverse domains. Holding a robust background in business development, engineering, IT, quality assurance, marketing, and creative expressions—coupled with an MBA in small business—Gabriela excels in integrating varied perspectives and innovative thinking. Her strength lies in leveraging a multi-disciplinary approach to drive strategic initiatives, creative problem-solving, and sustainable business development.
Areas of expertise:
Understand how to work ON the business instead of IN the business • Identify the weakest aspects of the business and improve them • Strategic thinking, strategy, and systems for business growth • Build a successful mindset to increase resilience • Transform challenges in opportunities • Combine online & offline strategies to increase visibility and attract ideal clients • Address teams issues for effective communication• Increase productivity and creativity • Getting clarity on the business idea to pursue.

Ready to benefit from the monthly sessions of our Mastermind Group for Introverted Entrepreneurs?

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What people say:

“I have always had many ideas, few actions. Now I find myself more structured, organized, and actively fulfilling my commitments. I feel I am moving forward.”
Estela Sasson, Hypnotherapist and Coach,

“They keep me accountable. I was able to launch my newsletter (I wanted to start one for a long time). Sharing their ideas, perspectives, and feedback is useful; not everyone thinks the same way. I have the opportunity to learn what people with different expertise and perspectives think—very helpful when launching a product or service, for example. Companies might pay millions of dollars to get that type of information.” ~ Emanuel Petrescu, SEO Specialist, 

"Gabriela is able to listen to the business needs of members and easily partner with them to provide the best solution. She is an expert, able to manage time, complex portfolios, and difficult situations with ease."
Viorel Rusu, Real Estate Representative,

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