Jumping Into The Void

Going through a career change? Or starting a business?

Are you excited about your new direction?

And—at the same time—you experience others’ disapproval of your decision to jump into the void, which drains your energy? Also, your inner critic keeps bugging you: Are you sure it’s the right decision for you? Why throw away what you've accumulated in years? (knowledge, experience) You don’t have enough experience! Who will trust you since you’re just starting? ...

You’re not alone. It happens to many of us!

This mini-course is an inspirational guide to help people like you understand these challenges, and find ways to overcome their inner barriers—so they can pursue your dream.

You’re about to embark on a mini-journey that helps you understand the human experience of fear and insecurity associated with jumping into a void, as you need to push past your limiting beliefs and go for it.

Gabriela Casineanu—an introverted professional coach who’ve been there several times—wrote the free ebook from with this mini-course. She made a career shift from engineering to coaching, teaching, writing, and entrepreneurship. She knows how the impostor syndrome feels, to lack confidence, have doubts, and deal with friends and relatives who disagree with your decision. She’ve been where you are. And she coached many introverts who have gone through a career change or starting a business and have experienced the same feelings as you’re going through now.

Are you ready to dive in?

Click the orange button to start this FREE mini-course.

"Many people will find inspiring how Gabriela Casineanu overcame her challenges. These experiences lead to the same conclusion: Never give up! Or... Never take a no for failure!"

~ Dr. Gaston NK Mabaya, P.Eng., Author

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